09 October 2010

Voglio...A Few Quick Things...

So here are a few things I would like, but of course I need to save up for.

Desert boots.
Yes I criticized them when my dad bought a pair but I actually think they are really cute now.


A lace dress(white or black).
I was unsure about black at first. It was a little too gothic and Lydia form Beetlejuice, but Dolce and Gabana Spring 2011 converted me.
I actually don't mind this in red either, but I think it would be too bold for daily wear.


Olive Shorts.
I like these a lot, but I also saw some nice ones from H&M.

Urban Outfitters

Cargo Pants
I was trying to plan outfits with the pants, but all I can basically think of is neutral shirts like stripes and white, grey black etc. Regardless I still love the pants themselves.

American Eagle

I also want to save for some leopard pointed flats as shown above.

Short combat boots.
I found a pair at Target last year and was so close to buying them but I decided not too. *Bangs head on desk*
I actually can't find a pair of affordable ones online so no picture here!

Chunky Cream Cable Knit Sweater
So comfy and it could be paired great with the cargo pants or shorts.


That's all for now, I'm so exhausted from mid-terms.

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