18 August 2010


My bag arrived quicker than I thought and as promised a photograph with some accessories.I like it even more in person I think it perfectly exemplifies a menswear/classic prep look. Paired with clogs or wedges its chic look.

I took a second shot with more accessories, love my bananas? I found them in Honduras at a street market and had to beg my Mom for them. She was sweet enough to go back and get them for me as a gift:)

Please excuse the poor lighting. It's raining outside and I only have one main light in my room that isn't even that great of a light source!

This also gives me a chance to show off a necklace I bought about a month ago from ALDO. It has a tribal/South American vibe to it.
A full view.

Close up. I like the flowers. I swear I'm worst that my grandmother with my love for anything floral.

Second close up.
Something I discovered after I bought it, is that it can be worn two ways. You can just turn around the plate and it has a different design.
This side kind of reminds me of a Koi fish. It almost looks like two Koi fish reaching to kiss each other. I'm not sure why, but maybe I'm just too imaginative.

Oh in case you are wondering what I'm using to model my necklace it's a tape sculputral bust. It was inspired by Mark Jenkins. He creates a lot of quirky street art using packaging tape. He's a local artist but has had shows around the globe. Hes installed work around D.C. but I've never seen it in person only through photos.
So following his work, I made a few with art club and ended up using one as a dress form for my final art projects. Its been in my room collecting dust and I just realized it would be perfect for modeling things.
Anyways I'll be posting again in the next few days. I meant to shoot some stuff outside but this rain will be here another day.

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