26 August 2010

Fashion's Night Out!


I just watched this commercial for Fashion's Night Out, although I've read some negative reviews on the model's talking(here) I think it's pretty cute! I like how they dressed up the shirts with what looks like bridal skirts. It's very JCrew, I could definitely see JCrew making a wedding dress(if they haven't already) with a basic white tee and bib necklace and a taffeta or silk skirt. It could be an interesting juxtaposition! Anyways to steer away from my blah blah blah....

Did Sasha use the shirt as a hair accessory?

I like it. Now I'm trying to think what other ways you could use the shirt instead of a shirt...so there's a bag, a pillow...Ok I'm out of ideas.

I'm not sure if I'm going yet. I don't think I can even go because they might have sold out of tickets but I still would like to buy a shirt because the sales benefit the NYC AIDS Fund in the NY Community Trust.

Well I have to get back to reading I'm crammed already and its only the fourth day of school.

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