04 October 2010

Miuccia's Prada Spring 2011 show, was an array of bold blues and oranges and a pop of bananas? Yes bananas. One of my favorite fruits and a fruit that can help you fall asleep. Her show made no one sleep though, it was fun, quirky and showcased bold stripes and contrasting colors that will be a statement for Spring.
Enough of that though because I would like to make a more formal entry later.
As for me, schools kicking into full gear with projects and midterms this and next week. Stressed me? No...of course not. My sarcasm probably can't be properly read through that, so I'll just answer by saying yes, I'm stressed. Sociology in a strange way(only because its one of my least favorite courses this semester) has helped me be almost zen like recently.
Anyways I was at target yesterday thinking what dress up as for Halloween. In seeing the options available, I am considering either Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a bunny from Louis Vuitton's Fall 2009 show. I'm almost 99% sure that I'm going to be Dorothy because I'm not sure how many people will know where I'm from. Plus I think it would read too much like, "I'm a mouse, duh!".

Karen, Mean Girls, Photo Credit

Here's my version, "I'm a bunny, duh", photo credit

Dorothy should be fun, all I need now is a small pup, a basket and some ruby red slippers(I'll probably make these myself and wear them once).

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