16 October 2010

Fashion's Night Out: Georgetown

I feel so guilty that I have had these on my camera for the past month but school became really busy. Anyways here are some pictures from Georgetown's Fashion's Night Out. My brother was kind enough to take me because everyone else had prior engagements to attend to.
I think I stayed for about 3 hours and left with some pretty good goodies. Diesel gave out totes, Juicy Couture had a silly band version of the "J", a lot of stores had small snacks and drinks and Vineyard Vines gave away Whale hats.

The sign on M-Street

First Stop was at Betsey Johnson.

Juicy Couture across the street. They were giving out cute water bottles(which I couldn't photograph because my brother drank mine!) Juicy was my last stop though and I didn't take any photos inside.

Cute bangles at Kate Spade

A boutique called Wink on M Street

Urban Outfitters

Annie Creamcheese

Georgetown Cupcake

J McLaughlin on M Street. I am obsessed with the chandeliers there, they are so unique.

Near Dean and Deluca

H&M. I had an embarrassing moment there where I walked into a glass door....but anyways I bought this parka(without the fur trim) and a basic grey sweater.
The styling was supposed to resemble this Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket.

Some sequin shorts that would look cute paired with tights.

Alexander Wang's rocco duffle inside Barneys


Overall it was a fun night and I'm glad I only spent a little bit of money. I didn't see any of the Real Housewives D.C. or anyone else famous but it was still a good night.
I'm still jealous of my friends who were in New York that night though; although, they didn't have any celebrity spottings either.

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