16 April 2010


About a week from now Zac Posen's line for Target will be hitting stores. Pieces from the line run less than $200 and include swimsuits, cocktail dresses and more casual items. The line is so beautiful and the benefit is how affordable it is.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the lookbook.

I really like when over sized bows are put on interesting parts of a dress besides the front or back part of a wist, so the bow accent on the side is very sweet and unexpected. The full wrap around the waist works well for the dress, if it were just limited to where the bow is, the dress would look almost incomplete. The pockets help reduce the dresses more formal look and make it appropriate for casual occasions. With the right accessories and shoes it could work for semi-formal events though. I am curious to see what the back looks like!

The same print is also available in a skirt form; although, I am not sure I could pull of the bikini top like the model does! I believe the print is floral, so of course I am in love with it.

I will be completely honest when I say had I not watched a video on this dress, I would have just passed by it at the store. I think the way Zac said it was that the dress allowed for the person to be creative and almost act like the designer. The silver rings that look like washers are actually snaps that allow you to drape or pleat the skirt in different ways. I'm definitely curious what ways people will come up with! I wonder what it would look like if someone draped it on the bottom short enough to make it a top/tunic. The color almost gives it an industrial chic look, I couldn't see it work in any color.

I thought this dress was beyond something would be available at Target. The dress has the versatility to work as two different dresses. One has the ability to remove the ruffled piece to get an a-line dress. The video shows the model removing the dress. I'm not sure on the exact color of the dress but the video showed it was in navy, it's also available in a red! Although I don't think I could pull of red without looking washed out.

And last but not least is a gown in the collection. From afar the print looks like some sort of 90's explosion print, but close up there are actually safety pins. Interesting, but I don't think I could pull off the long gown look.

Well here are some other pieces I sort of liked!

I wonder if the hat's apart of the line, I really like it.

I really want to take one of these pieces with me to Italy so I think its between the bow dress and ruffled two look piece.

Anyways the full collection will be available on April 25!

Also here's a video from New York Magazine of Zac Posen talking about the line and a model wearing some of the clothes.

Look book is from Fashionista.

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