10 April 2010

photo post

I have been really fascinated with taking photos of things reflecting. This is one of them. On another note, I'm almost done with my Daisy perfume!

Free People shopping bag filled with my clothes from my quick stay with Gigi. I think the photo's blurry, oops!

I was bored so I darted some places I have visited or want to visit.

My bag from Honduras.

So many beautiful colors.


So this whole week-end I have to work on a paper for my Roots of Racism class. It's an interesting paper since we were allowed to pick the topic, but it's just so much research. Anyways I chose to write about racism in the fashion industry with a concentration on models. So I think I'm going to write about some of the history of modeling and when models of different races started appearing on magazine covers and runway shows.
I have had this book checked out for like 3 months from my school's library. I keep renewing it.


Garfield decided to help me with my studying.

I have a photo-shoot tomorrow and next-weekend, but I will make another post soon!

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