08 February 2010

Sushi Specials

Not very style related but a very big picture post.
A few weeks ago I went out with my brother and cousin for sushi in Woodley Park. The sushi was very delicious, but we accidently ordered more rolls than we could finish. Oops!

The special's menu. Like the OBAMA roll?

Miso soup...essential for a cold day and before any sushi meal.

I believe this was a salmon with cream cheese roll and and shrimp tempura? The middle roll was very interesting. I didn't experiment with the flavor my brother did. It's quail egg with caviar.

Obama roll

Detail on the swirls. I think this would make for a pretty textile fabric, yes?

The volcano roll..there was a lot of flavor in this. It was also very fulfilling.

Actually that was the shrimp tempura roll. Delicious of course!

There were a few other rolls I believe including fried oyster. We ordered more than we could finish but we just ended up bagging up the rest and bringing it home.

Woodley Park is very scenic. I don't know why but I always feel like I'm in another city when I'm there. It's a cute neighborhood unfortunately many of my photographs came out to be blurry.
I went out of my way to photograph the area for my photography class with the non digital camera, but the development process didn't go so well. I rolled the film poorly so not all of the negatives touched the chemicals so some of my prints didn't develop.
Anyways here's one of the few photographs of Woodley Park. A lot of restaurants hang lights outside. I just thought these were cute.

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