07 January 2010

Spring Wardrobe

Honestly my winter in the District has not been the worst but around this time is when I start to feel bored with this season and ready for spring. Along with spring comes the decrease of layers. No longer will I have to walk around with 4 layers on, heavy duty socks and a bulky winter coat...okay so the winter here has not been that horrible but you get the picture. So I have compiled a list of things I would like to add to my wardrobe.

One of the top most things I want for my wardrobe period is a khaki trench coat. Along with the little black dress I think the trench coat is one of the classiest pieces any woman or girl can add to their wardrobe. Think Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

My dream piece would be a Burberry trench coat, but until I have my own income my hunt for one less expensive begins!

One of my favorite options I came across is from Urban Outfitters. The back detail is what caught my attention the most. It adds such a subtle dedicate detail. It would be a perfect light jacket to wear on chilly days and maybe even to wear on rainy day alike to Holly.

DC enjoys its fair share of rainy days along with a trench coat the umbrella and trench one should own a pair on comfortable chic rain boots. The look of Hunter boots is so traditional and refined but it comes in a variety of colors to fit your personality. Since I'm in my silver phase one I would like to own a pair but I think I'm going to shy away and opt for a neutral color like glossy pea green. Another thing I enjoy about these wellingtons is that you can purchase these cozy socks for insulation and for more of a colored touch.



Moving on from outerwear, another item I want to add to my wardrobe is an oxford shirt dress. It's great for spring and summer but if worn with tights and boots can be worn in fall and winter. Here are two I found from American Apparel.


  1. Amazing boots! And I agree, a trench coat is a classic but sadly the colour isn't for everyone. Beige does nothing for my skin tone at all. Still, I have one in electric blue, which is better!

  2. Sorry for the late response, I didn't get any notifcations on comments.
    Thank's about the boots:)
    Good tip about the color I didn't even think about it. The shape of a trench is great, but colors and prints are always fun.